Fresh Engineers
Educational institutions provide students with theoretical knowledge about the core industry. This alone cannot equip a student to excel in the field. Thorough practical experience will only enhance the true skills of these aspiring engineers. Technocrat Automation understands students and the core industry like no others. We incorporate the current industrial needs and the requirements of students and plan our courses. We ensure that every single fresher who comes to us acquire hands-on training and become experts in using the equipments used in the core industry. Our students have an extra edge of practical knowledge when compared to an engineering pass out.

Outstation students
Technocrat understands the difficulty faced by out-station students to receive quality training in the core industry. Because Technocrat is the only institution with "State-of –the Art" Automation labs equipped to impart through training for students, which is available nowhere else in India, we give special attention to out-station students' accommodation requirements. We don't just provide them with excellent training and coaching, but offer them free accommodation as well.

Core industries may not find the time and resource to train new joiners and trainees with the instruments. The trainees therefore are unable to work efficiently as they do not have prior experience with the machines. Technocrat Automation recognizes these troubles faced by both the core industry and the trainees and have designed courses to give trainees practical experience and confidence through our hi-tech Lab facilities. Neither the individuals have to feel insecure and nor the core industry have to worry about the expertise of their new joiners and trainees.

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