Process Automation Training in Chennai

Technocrat Institute – the Masters of Process Automation Training in Chennai

The chemical industry holds a vast potential for employing engineers and technicians from all walks of life. They are also among the fastest to take to automation in a big way because of the big benefits they bring in terms of profitability and safety in operations. To meet the increasing needs of engineers and technicians, Technocrat Institute has developed a sophisticated process automation training centre in Chennai, where students from all over the world come for process automation training.

Our process automation training centre is among the most modern in the world. We have attracted trainees not only for process automation training, but also from foreign countries. Our process automation training is unique and our trainees get unlimited practical. In addition, process automation training has the unique distinction of being the best. To give hands-on experience, we supplement our process automation training along with major brands.

Here is what makes our process automation training the best.

Once you have undergone process automation training with us, you will be able to accomplish your tasks with distillation columns, heat exchangers, evaporators, cogeneration boilers, steam generators, flash drums, CSTRs, steam compressors, gas turbines, plug flow reactors, pumps, furnaces and/or fixed bed reactors.

There are regular process automation courses which you can take, or you can ask us for a customized training course as well. Our counselors at process automation training centre will be able to provide that too.

The eligibility for taking process automation training at our centre is one of the following - ME / BE / DIPLOMA (CHEM / EEE / EIE / MECH). You can contact us online itself.