PLC training in India

Why Join Technocrat Innovation for PLC training in India?

A basic degree or even a post graduate qualification in engineering is not considered as employable by industrial companies these days. To be employable, you must develop your skills that you can deploy in your organization. Automation is the buzz word in industrial circles these days, and bringing quality PLC training is Technocrat Automation located in Chennai. Our PLC training center is widely recognized as the best PLC training.

At the core of our PLC training India centre is a vast laboratory built on 18,500 square feet of building. Here you will see virtually every training equipment and instrument to give our trainees the best PLC training. Besides the extensive equipment, what makes us the best PLC training center are our highly qualified faculties who also have years of experience in industrial companies.

To join the best PLC training run by Technocrat Innovations, you need a ME, BE, MSC or diploma in engineering. Depending on your qualifications, you can choose one of the major courses offered at our best PLC training centre. Candidates who took our PLC training are employed not only in India but also in other parts of the world. We have a separate department devoted to placing candidates in one of the 500+ companies with whom we have placement tie-ups.

You can join one of our usual 4 major training programs for automation or even choose a customized program. Our counselors at PLC training will study and recommend the right training for you. For PLC training, you can apply online itself by giving some brief information. When you complete the course or a program you will actually be joining a select group of 25,000 technicians and engineers worldwide who have benefitted from our courses. webcounter