Industrial Automation Training in Chennai

Technocrat Institute – the Industrial Automation Training in Chennai that Inspires Confidence

The industrial production scenario has changed a lot. More and more industries are taking to automation to cut down cost and improve productivity. It has therefore become imperative for all engineers and technicians to acquire industrial automation training. Getting industrial automation training is a complex process, and very few industrial automation training are up to the standards of Technocrat Institute’s industrial automation training. Technocrat conducts 4 major courses for industrial automation training - CAE, ATIA, ADIA and PGDIA.

More than 25,000 of our trainees who took our industrial automation training in Asia have benefitted from our superior courses and the high intense training we provided them. Our track record of placement at our industrial automation training centre is impeccable. Our placement officers are highly trained and have vast connections with industries all over India, and even abroad.

At Technocrat we take industrial automation training seriously and that is the reason why we have built a massive laboratory to provide hands-on experience to our trainees. Our institute is recommended by well known industries for industrial automation training and we have trainees from all over the world.

The 2 main types of courses at our industrial automation training center are Industrial Automation Training and Process Automation Training. The industrial automation training facility of our institute is home to a modern laboratory with all the requisite instruments and training aids. Our Process Automation Training courses are directed towards acquiring automation skills for the chemical industry in particular.

To learn more about the courses, duration and fee, you can either call our institute’s office or send an enquiry online from our website itself. We also provide customized training which many of our trainees prefer.

Courses offered